XS 650 Bobber: ChiTown XS.V



Describe Your XS650:

Bobbed and Chopped this XS650 to what you see now. 2to1 exhaust, no muffler of course. Rebuilt the engine to stock standards, clip on bars, solo seat and white walls do the trick. Rides fast and furious, sounds great… way fun to ride.. Even more than my Duc! I have just been inspired by that Dutch bobber on the site so we’ll see where it goes this summer. Thanks, from Chicago, IL USA.

Thanks for the pics Jordan.


  1. andy carter says:

    i love your bike it looks great!

  2. Mac says:

    Great bike.. One of the nicest on here.

    What tank its that?

  3. daniel says:

    i love your bike. please add some more pics

  4. Angry John says:

    Your bike is so awesome.

  5. Angry John says:

    Please post more pics.

  6. heckienawjoe says:

    That bike is so killer! Very clean and looks incredible! More pics would be awesome too! Where did you get that seat, and I’m curious to know how you mounted it. I’m looking for one just like it.

  7. DetroitDM says:

    I dig the bike man. Any more info/pics?

  8. sleepy_seven says:

    luv the bike dude, that xs is one of the best i have seen!!!…hope i see her in the city before winter hits. With respects from the North Side. Keep Riding!!

  9. Darkside says:

    Looks just like the way it is the day I handed the keys over to you. Love the stickers and the extra paint touch ups. Congratz!!!

  10. HoeyUno says:

    NIce bike man..Alot of people fail at trying the look you pulled off…Cheers.

  11. roro says:

    where did you get that solo seat? I want to put one on my 1980 xs and want make sure I get one that works.


  12. Adam says:

    Just the thing to make my day. Great lookin machine. Question thought… Where did you find a white wall for the front tire? Been looking and haven’t had any luck yet. Maybe a note on tire kind and size…Please!

  13. Haziq says:

    Hey does anyone know the builder of this bike and where can I get more info on this bike? I’ve looked all over the internet and even tried contacting Ted but it’s nowhere to be found. HELP!

  14. Donnie says:

    Still one of the best mild chops around.

  15. j m says:

    anyone know what type of tires these are?

  16. Shane Nevermind says:

    Sick…. love the styling..

  17. Adrian Macabenta says:

    I love your bike! I’m new to xs650 scene or bobber bikes in general and I’m curious to find out what you’ve dont to your bike! Not looking to copy only find inspiration. Although, imitation is the best form of flattery. Let me know

  18. norm younger says:

    Nice cafe racer. Very clean.