666 Fabrication’s: XS650 Bobber..


xs650 chopper burnout

666 Fabrication’s: XS 650 Chopper
We’re a small shop in Milford, CT that fabricates turbo manifolds, headers, intake manifolds or just about anything you could dream up that can be cut, chopped, bent and welded together. Our product line specializes in BMW’s but we love anything and everything that gos fast and burns rubber….we’ll make just about anything. Weird or difficult stuff is our specialty.

Thanks for sending in the 650 pictures man!

Cool Bike..


  1. reynoldburton says:

    Really nice bike – just how I like it, thumbs up

  2. B says:

    Cool bike, I DIG it dude!

  3. sean from boston says:

    love this bike!

  4. RedDeerXS says:

    Dig the pipes! Nice clock there too!

  5. mookie says:

    what happens when the forks compress in a turn?appears to have about 2″ of ground clearance sitting still( or doing a burnout)
    if one requires a building to hold himself up maybe a rethink into methods of showing off
    are in order…