1982 xs 650: From THE FONG BROS !!


First Bike Ever Built:

But have never caught my feet on fire.

This is the first bike ever built by the so called “Legendary Fong Brothers” out of Baltimore Maryland. This bike was built to replicate the Fong Bros famous demolition derby cars (Trailway Speedway 2000 – 2007), which were built to replicate traditional old school hotrods (flat black with white speed scallops, red wheels and big whitewalls.) As you can see by the pics, my taste in bikes has changed quite a bit over the years and this is no longer the style I prefer to build for myself. I am currently building and riding bikes like the silver one pictured and just sold the gold XS650.


Here are some specs.

1982 xs650. Powdercoated wheels with new spokes from MikesXS. Maxxis whitewalls are still like new. 110/19 up front and 150/80/16 in the back. This is the biggest tire that’ll fit that swingarm. The swingarm is stretched 4 inches and has been notched to accept that tire. 11 inch shocks keep the ride very low. This bike is very low and does scrape every once in a while. I weigh 195lbs. I will also include a set of 13.5 inch shocks to raise it back up a bit. Lepera metalflake seat on hairpin springs, broomstick bars (1″) on rigid mounted custom risers, with chrome Harley hand controls. I will re-install the air cleaners. I took them off to use on my silver bike for a few days. New 530 chain and 30t rear sprocket for better rpm at speed. The pipes are SHORT and do throw flames on de-acceleration but have never caught my feet on fire. These pipes are LOUD and this is the best/heartiest sounding xs650 I’ve owned. Cateye tailight with a blue dot. Paint on the gas tank is basecoat clearcoat with a flattening agent. No Yamaha emblems remain and the case sides are wrinkle finish black. Starts with a key, or by the kicker. Typical xs650 starter slip now and then.


The bike has a way more rat look to it then the pictures can portray. It has gotten a patina to it that the pics seem to diminish. So if ya dig that “I hate shows look”, this is the one.


  • Thanks for sending in the pictures Billy Joe Fong.

More sick XS650 Choppers to come From THE FONG BROS ?

  • You will have to come back to find out…..


  1. Denis (Billy Joe Fong) says:

    Somehow, 3 different Fong Bros designs are pictured together under one description. The all black bikes is the 82, which was later redone with a 16 inch front wheel and primer tank. The black and white bike with red wheels is a 77 that was actually the first build by the Fong Bros. Pics of two more are on the way.

  2. Ted says:

    I thought the top three pictures were of the same bike? but the last one I just threw in their because it got sent in. You guys build some cool bikes. hopefully we can get some words for that silver ride. everybody wants to see that one.

  3. Denis (Billy Joe Fong) says:

    Yes, the all black bike is the same bike as the primer one in the last pic. That one belongs to Bobby Joe Fong (Tim) as pictured riding it to the Smoke Out a few years back.
    I’m getting some pics together of the silver bike and am finishing up a build right now that I will be photoraphing soon. The newest bike will be finished this week hopefully. BTW, thanks for the kind words and the great website.

  4. Justin says:

    What tires and shocks are you running on that brown bike. I want that tire on my rear, cant find it anywhere. Nice work!

  5. Teebs says:

    Justin, they’re 11.5″ Monza shocks and 16×5 Shinko tires. Shinko 240.


    Don’t ask. lol

  6. Teebs says:

    Justin, they’re 11.5″ Monza shocks and 16×5 Shinko tires. Shinko 240s

    Don’t ask.

  7. Teebs says:

    WTF? Well, looking like a dumbass every now and then is good for the soul. lol

  8. Dave says:

    Nice bikes, where can I get risers like that. I’v been looking for 2 1/2 black risers for my 78′ bobber. Any info would be great, thanks.

  9. Denis (fong bros) says:

    Those are Harley style risers sold on Ebay in 4, 6, 8 inch heights. The shaft that gives the riser the height is removable, so you can put only the riser pretty much right on the tree. They are for 1 inch bars though, so the stock throttle and controls from the xs does not fit.