1977 xs650 Murdercycle


Year : 1977 xs650 Murdercycle

Describe Your XS650:
My 1977 xs650 has a complete flattrack ready racing motor! Its ported and polished, milled, camed, domed pistons, and brand new round slide carb\’s. I put it together in the garage with some help from my step dad. It should put out about 70-75 horse!!!

jd evans

JD cheer the system and uploaded two of the same photo. HAHA. Cool bike bro. Sounds like it will Hall ASS. Thanks for sending in the picture and words..


  1. Ryan says:

    Me and my dad are building to. I’ll probably send in some pictures in a couple months. cool bike.

  2. jd evans says:

    yea i really enjoyed the build and now i wanna build a cafe racer but funds are a little low right now. so what kinda look are ya going for?

  3. sparks says:

    hey i like the way you bike looks and wanted to make mine similar to yours so i was wondering what kind of seat and rear fender you have on your bike

  4. shawn says:

    looks nice! i like the battery box/fake oil tank thing

  5. norm younger says:

    Great bike.