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XS650: Pangea Speed Pulvarizer



wild Summer Full of Sleeping In Gutters

Describe Your XS650:
So here is a photo of my little xs650 chop i am building to promote my company Pangea Speed. I am planning on riding her from salt lake city utah to cottonwood az for the smoke out west, then from there riding out to north carolina for the smoke out east. This summer i quit my job and hit the road on a 79 gs850. I was out on the Continue Reading →

Old Skool XS Chop Shop Style




Describe Your XS650:
I run a small bike shop in Jefferson South Dakota.  I will chop almost anything.  Hence the name The Chop Shop.  Here is a good example of one of our traditional Chops.  This bike was built for a customer who also built my web site.  This baby realy does have a few realy trick pieces.  Check out the faux oil tank which is actually the air box with a servicable filter.  The fuel tank was also highly modified, though subtle.  It is still a cool piece, with a raised tunnel, flush mounts, moved filler, and a custom machined filler cap. Continue Reading →

The Green Bastard From Parts Unknown



XS650: 1980ish Green Bastard

This is the first bike I have ever built. It was going to be a one year project but turned into a three month build instead. It started out with me paying more for the bike than what it was worth but what the hell its only money right. I have to admit I got the hard tail and forward controls from TC choppers I didn’t make them my self 🙁 The tank was from a hell’s angle and Continue Reading →

XS 650 Bobber: ChiTown XS.V




Describe Your XS650:

Bobbed and Chopped this XS650 to what you see now. 2to1 exhaust, no muffler of course. Rebuilt the engine to stock standards, clip on bars, solo seat and white walls do the trick. Rides fast and furious, sounds great… way fun to ride.. Even more than my Duc! I have just been inspired by that Dutch bobber on the site so we’ll see where it goes this summer. Thanks, from Chicago, IL USA.

Thanks for the pics Jordan.

My First Bobber: 1978 xs650





Describe Your XS650:
This was the first try of the rebuild of my xs650 1978. I like the bike because the steering is very good.The wheelbase is 4 inch longer so it look like the bike is lower. The wheels are two the same 16inch, rvs over spoked conti classics tire. The pipes coming from my Duc
Thats all !!
Greetings from Holland

Thanks Fred Veenendaal

Here Is One That Just Came To Be: Longgggg xs650



Year : 1980

Look out Netherlands! You got some crazy long bike competition. Look at those horns/spikes on the front down tubes. That is one super long grinder. Cool ride. Right?


Describe Your XS650:
It all started when I received this xs650. I had a first long bike. The motor in that bike went south. I extended the frame way up to Continue Reading →