Month: January 2009

XS650: Pangea Speed Pulvarizer

wild Summer Full of Sleeping In Gutters Describe Your XS650: So here is a photo of my little xs650 chop i am building to promote my company Pangea Speed. I am planning on riding her from salt lake city utah to cottonwood az for...

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Old Skool XS Chop Shop Style

Describe Your XS650: I run a small bike shop in Jefferson South Dakota.  I will chop almost anything.  Hence the name The Chop Shop.  Here is a good example of one of our traditional Chops.  This bike was built for a customer...

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My First Bobber: 1978 xs650

Describe Your XS650: This was the first try of the rebuild of my xs650 1978. I like the bike because the steering is very good.The wheelbase is 4 inch longer so it look like the bike is lower. The wheels are two the same 16inch,...

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