1979 Custom Built Motorcycles Bobber XS650

81mm Pistons Now Making It A 763cc.

Motor has 4300 miles on it since the total build of the bike. I did a base gasket up everything new. It is sleeved with 81mm pistons now making it a 763cc. New mikuni 36mm or 38mm carbs electronic ignition new rectifier/regulator new tires sprockets chain so on and so on. All this mentioned has 4300 trouble free miles on them after about 150 miles of fine tuning.

Wires Are In Frame

No messy wires all over the place. Most wires are in the frame, and all electrical parts are tucked under the seat including the horn. The key and starter button is on the left side just under the seat. The frame is very solid.


Lot Of Little Details

Professional paint work was done in Sikkens, all in an egg shell clear coat over a custom made 3 stage pearl orange and black. The only chrome is the front rim and Speedo. Everything else silver looking has been ceramic coated. A lot of little details it this build. Almost every nut and bolt is stainless. I also have a custom one of a kind jockey shift system I made that you can have.



  1. kyle says:

    holy crap i love this thing. where did you get the tank and rear fender?

  2. Derek says:

    Just wondering if this bike is for sale or trade.

  3. gino says:

    What exhaust, tank and bars did you use?

  4. How much would a bike like this go for?

  5. Andy says:

    Awesome looking ride. Can you please tell me how much is a bike like yours? I just the think the bobber style is a tough one to beat.
    Did you build it with a kit? Please try to point me in the right direction.

    Andy from MA

  6. norm younger says:

    Fantastic two into one exhaust.